Shot Blasting in Chesterfield

Shot Blasting and Refurbishment in Chesterfield

It’s all about the preparation. In every industry, you can think of, if the groundwork isn’t carried out correctly, the finished product won’t perform. A wall will likely fall if built on poor foundations. Pipe work will leak if the plumber hasn’t properly cleaned the ends prior to soldering, and smartphone apps won’t work if the programming is faulty.

Likewise, with metal refurbishment, if the preparation is poor, in a short space of time, zinc will start to lift after galvanising, chrome will start to flake from those custom mudguards and chain covers, and paint will begin to bubble on painted surfaces.

When you consider all the sheets of abrasive material required, the use of harsh, unfriendly chemicals, and the man-hours needed to strip existing coatings, with no guarantee of absolute success, you begin to see how cost-effective shot blasting and sandblasting becomes.

At Keljay Shot Blasting in Chesterfield, our company ethic has, from the very beginning, been one of complete customer satisfaction. We have many years of experience in the art of Shot blasting all types of metal to ensure it is totally free of any surface contaminants, dust, or chemical deposits, which could affect its adherence to new coatings.

Our services include:

  • Shot blasting
  • Sandblasting
  • Full repair and refurbishment of metal products and castings
  • Re-painting of prepared items in the colour of your choice
  • Full CAD assisted design and manufacture of standard or bespoke items

We are as happy carrying out single jobs such as the shot blasting of metal patio furniture or gates; mudguards, chain covers, carburetors, car bodies, alloy wheels, and other items for custom cars and bikes.

Operating in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas, we undertake all types of metal refurbishment and metalwork painting for a range of service and manufacturing industries including rail networks, petroleum and gas companies, shipbuilding, waste management companies, and many others.

But what is it that makes us stand out from the crowd?

From your initial enquiry, we will work with you to ensure your requirements are met in full and our quotes are transparent and easy to understand.


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